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10 Quick Changes That Will Save You Money

The best way to save money is by taking advantage of all your options. If that means carpooling to work, buying groceries in bulk, or dining out less, then so be it. Your financial success is more important!

Here are 10 quick and easy changes that will save you money:

1) Don’t Buy It

• Stay out of the malls & stores. Shop by catalogs or online if that is less tempting.
• Don’t take debit and credit cards with you.
• Set limits. Take a limited amount of cash, a calculator and a list.
• Practice “the 24 hour wait and see”.
• If you need produce, dairy or bakery goods, shop the perimeter of the store and avoid the other aisles.

2) Borrow

• Use the library for videos, DVDs, books, eBooks, CDs and video games.
• Borrow bigger tools from neighbors.

3) Share

• Car pool.
• Share tools.
• Buy in bulk and split the purchases with a friend.
• Use babysitting cooperatives.

4) Substitute 

• Movies at home instead of Movie theaters
• Pay as you go plans instead of Fixed cell contracts (but check your math)
• Take your lunch instead of Eating out
• Generic brands instead of Brand names

5) Use it Wisely

• Turn out lights, use lower wattage bulbs and turn down heat when you can.
• Use programmable thermostats, block heaters and lights outside.
• Recycle bottles.
• Use rain barrels.
• Consider long distance phone plans.
• Use only your own bank’s automated bank machines.

6) Find the Best Buy

• Look for and use coupons for goods you would normally purchase.
• Check sales flyers.
• Buy second hand goods from garage sales, classified ads and off the internet.
• Buy from consignment stores, thrift stores and liquidation stores.

7) Make it (or DIY)

• Do your own repairs and painting.
• Grow a garden, even a balcony garden for produce you usually buy.
• Make your own wine and beer.
• Make gifts, cards and the wrapping paper too.
• Learn to mend and cook.

8) Rent or Hire

• Rent a car or use a taxi instead of owning your own car. (Look at all the costs of owning: car payments, maintenance, gas, repairs, insurance, license. It just may be cheaper.)
• Rent tools and equipment instead of buying.

9) Find it Free

• Check the internet, bargain finder or classifieds for “come and get it for free.”
• Ask at the end of garage sales for any free goods.
• Tell people if you need something like a desk or clothes. Often people have these things and want to get rid of them. They just don’t know who might want them.

10) Trade

• Join a local “trade for services” community group.
• Trade clothes, books, videos, games and equipment.

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