From humble beginnings to six locations across Alberta, Money Mentors is proud of the work we do in our communities. We help Albertans get out of debt, manage their money, and plan for retirement. We promote financial health throughout the province and invest in Alberta’s youth. Through financial literacy presentations we provide educational resources to schools and help prepare students for the future. We are grateful to be Alberta’s choice.

What our clients have to say

Susobhan S.
Susobhan S.
We had a life changing experience with Money Mentor ! My wife and I had a loan of almost $100,000 almost 6 years ago. Our lives were suffocating, sometime taking one loan to pay another. I used to work in the University of Calgary, and one day somebody gave me a brochure of Money Mentor and told me about it. We signed up for the OPD program with Stacey Townsend, our Counsellor Lead. Believe it or not, we were able to pay the loan with the help of Stacey of Money Mentor. Stacey was amazing, a very nice and pleasing personality person. Each and every step she guided us over last 6 years. She addressed any of our questions or queries with e-mail thoroughly, and by phone as and when it was necessary. Thank you Stacey. Some people told us that we we're never going to get credit cards or loan or mortgage in future if we go to this program. They were wrong. We were able to get the unsecured credit cards from bank right after we finished the program. We have qualified for the loan and mortgage as well. Money Mentor,s OPD program is great - it indeed gave us a new life ! No question about it. We are grateful to Money Mentor and of course Stacey. I would highly recommend to anyone who are going through hard times. Again thank you Money Mentor and thank you stacey. It is a great organization.
Yasser Lautfi A.
Yasser Lautfi A.
Alexander is a very good person he helped me a lot with managing my debt thank you money mentors 🙏
Abir S.
Abir S.
Great session . We had Kim Reynolds to give a presentation to our students. Very beneficial and informative.
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Our Vision

To be Albertans’ choice for lifelong learning and enhanced financial well-being.

Our Mission Statement

To educate Albertans in personal money management and the wise use of credit, and to provide alternatives for families and individuals facing financial crisis.

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A Rewarding Story

Money Mentors is an Alberta-based, non-profit credit counselling agency. Through a number of services, we help families and individuals recover from financial crisis and move forward. From credit counselling and money coaching, to retirement planning and community financial literacy, we’re creating a healthier financial future for the entire province.

As a founding member of Credit Counselling Canada, and the first to be accredited, we’ve helped thousands of Albertans discover financial solutions, become debt free, and ultimately live happier lives.

In 1997, we opened our doors as Credit Counselling Services of Alberta to help Albertans regain control of unmanageable debts. We became the exclusive provider of the Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD) program—managing the program on behalf of the Government of Alberta. Within five short years, Money Mentors was completely self-sufficient with most of our funding coming from agreements set up with creditors seeking payment from clients.

Our debt consolidation services, along with the OPD program, have been very successful, with our clients returning more than $230 million to their creditors. While we’re thrilled with our success, we know there are many more Albertans who need help managing their everyday finances. That need inspired us to develop our Personal Money Coaching, which offers unbiased financial advice.

We have a friendly, qualified, experienced team of personal and family financial experts, including Accredited Financial Counsellors and Professional Home Economists, who are here to help you get the most out of your money.

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Our Three Pillars


To educate and strengthen the financial knowledge, skills, and confidence of Albertans.


To impact Albertans of all ages.


Albertans will prosper and gain financial awareness and independence.

A high school teacher helps a teenage girl with a Money Mentors school program on the computer

Our Education Initiative

To empower youth in Alberta by providing financial education for students K-12 and youth in the community. We believe our school programs will help youth become financially responsible adults.

Our approach is to integrate age appropriate money management topics like spending plans, savings, credit with fun activities, and games ensuring students are engaged. With every subsequent grade level, we build on new money management topics, keeping students continually interested while learning the fundamentals of personal finance. All of our presentations from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are aligned with the Alberta curriculum.

A female debt counsellor in her sunny office is proud that Money Mentors was voted the best Alberta credit counselling agency

Voted Best Credit and Debt Counselling Services in Alberta

Money Mentors has been the recipient of the Consumer Choice Awards in Credit and Debt Counselling Services in Central, Northern and Southern Alberta and Medicine Hat for ten years and counting! Whether you’re brushing up on your financial skills and education, learning how to manage your money better or paying off your debts, thank you for trusting us on your financial journey. We’re proud to be Albertans’ choice for finding financial freedom!

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