Money Mentors’ free financial education classes give you the tools to get out of debt, save money and become financially stable. Course topics include budgeting, credit/debt, saving, planning for retirement and more. Take an online course, join us for a live webinar or book a group seminar for your workplace or community organization.

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What our clients have to say

I genuinely appreciate Linda for her outstanding introduction to the amazing services Money mentors provide for the community in Edmonton. Keep up the good work!
Linda Mak was very engaging and made the presentation very fun and easy to give feedback about the financial material. Linda was very receptive and professional when given feedback on her presentation and things that might assist her in working with our participants. Love the energy Linda, keep it up!!!Garth
Tibyan Babiker
Tibyan Babiker
Thank you so much Linda Mak!It was such a great session, very beneficial and informative.
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