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Money Mentors Annual Report For 2016: 20 Years of Serving Albertans

Messages from our Executives

Jim Thorne, Executive Director

Our determination to provide personal financial services has received countless support from schools, government institutions, corporations and hundreds of Albertans across the province.

Shawn Graham, Chair, Board of Directors

Guided by principles such as compassion, integrity, and honesty, Money Mentors has become known as the most trusted name in debt management, credit counselling and financial education in Alberta. 

Client Numbers

Who is our average client?

Money Mentors reaches Albertans across 7 cities, each with a variety of career, family, and financial backgrounds. Here are the numbers for our 2016 acquisitions.

Common Law
• 45 years old• Single• $70,720 income• $27,121 debt• $540.77 opd payment• 5.5 creditors• 0.7 dependents

Money returned to creditors in 2016 (in millions)

How did they find out about us?


Thanks from our clients

It’s free, and there is no pressure. My counsellor told me this is how you do it without Money Mentors, and this is how you do it with Money Mentors. The decision was left up to me. - Chris

It made me feel that all wasn’t lost. That there was a light at the end of the tunnel. It made all of the difference in the world to starting my journey. - Carolyn

She really went beyond what any normal counsellor would go to personally, and was excited over our triumphs. I think that makes all the difference in the world, to have someone rooting for you. - Marilyn

Financial Literacy

1025 Classes

From K-12, to Youth in the Community, our Financial Literacy Team reached over 1000 classes across Alberta.

Financial Fitness Classes

In 2016, Money Mentors gave 61 presentations, with 456 attendees.

26,885 Students

The highest age group being Grade 12 students at a whopping 14,770 who now know about financial literacy.

Online Courses

With 1946 courses completed, and 3121 people registered, our online courses continue to grow in reach each year.

33 Youth Presenters

With Youth Presenters across Alberta, we bring a unique feel to classroom presentations becoming relatable.


Money Mentors gave 5 presentations to organizations across Alberta, with a total of 48 participants.

Success Stories

2016 Events

4th Annual Stampede Breakfast

  • Over 400 guests in attendance

  • Calgary-based Nashville recording artist Lori Kole

  • Catered breakfast by Lino's Catering

  • Balloon animals by Penelope the Clown

Financial Literacy Month 2016

  • Over 50 events across Alberta attended

  • Two local events within Calgary & Edmonton offices

We've got a lot of great success stories to share

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