A man uses a library computer to access Money Mentors' financial literacy materials.

Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month is a critical initiative that focuses on an important skill set that can be learned at any age, from young children to seniors. Everyday we are confronted with financial literacy moments where we have to make decisions about how we spend our money whether we are grocery shopping, paying bills, buying necessities, or shopping for things we want. Financial literacy is so important that we celebrate Financial Literacy Month (FLM) every November with games, money tips, online courses, and money challenges, all of which are free.

Financial Literacy Month Canada

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) started Financial Literacy Month in Canada to help strengthen Canadians’ financial literacy. Every November, the FCAC and financial organizations throughout Canada, such as Money Mentors, work together to encourage Canadians to learn more about their finances.

FLM 2023 with Money Mentors

This Financial Literacy Month, Money Mentors is rallying behind the theme Managing Your Money in a Changing World. Given the rapidly evolving financial landscape, it’s crucial now more than ever to take a proactive approach to monitoring our financial health. This is especially pertinent when navigating the terrain of debt management and repayment. That’s why we’re proud to showcase “Debt Dialogues”, a free live webinar in partnership with ATB; unveil five transformative financial literacy courses for students in grades 10 – 12; and remind Albertans of our long-standing incentive program.

Debt Dialogues with ATB

A poster for the Money Mentors live webinar event - Debt Dialogues.


In the wide range of financial decisions, mortgage choices stand out as some of the most impactful. Money Mentors, dedicated to fostering financial literacy in Alberta, is proud to collaborate with ATB to bring you Debt Dialogues.

This free live webinar seeks to open up the conversation about mortgage debt in Alberta, providing insights, expertise, and solutions.

Together, we will navigate the maze of home financing, discussing methods to pay down debt and offering invaluable mortgage advice tailored for Albertans.

Whether you’re on the brink of buying a home or contemplating refinancing options, Debt Dialogues will be the perfect chance for you to ask the experts with a live presentation and Q&A.

Secure your place now, and let’s turn dialogue into action!

New Alberta Courses in Financial Literacy

A teacher helps students complete the Money Mentors course Tax TIps.


Money Mentors has recently launched these five new online financial literacy courses for students in grades 10 – 12 to support young Albertans in developing skills around earning and saving money to build strong financial futures:

Banking on Your Future: Comprehensive coverage of Alberta’s financial ecosystem for students.

Tax Tips: A hands-on guide to taxation for young adults entering the workforce.

Budgeting 101: A journey into effective fiscal planning tailored for students.

Debt Decisions: A clear path through the maze of debt management.

Borrowing Basics: A thorough exploration of the credit landscape for the youth.


Incentive Program

A man celebrates after winning five hundred dollars through the Money Mentors incentive program.


Money Mentors continues its effort to motivate Albertans in their financial education journey with their incentive program. By participating in Debt Dialogues or successfully completing eligible online courses, Albertans, aged 18 and above, have a chance to win $500.


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