Our Board of Directors work hard to keep Money Mentors the most trusted credit counselling agency in Alberta. As a non-profit, our Board’s responsibility focuses on ensuring we are meeting the needs of our most important stakeholders―our clients. We are honoured and privileged that our Board members have chosen us to use their considerable talent, and limited time, to help us remain the most helpful credit counselling agency in the province.

Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy, the CEO of Money Mentors

Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy


Stacy joined Money Mentors as CEO in January of 2024. Prior to joining Money Mentors, Stacy served as the CEO of Credit Counselling Canada, the national association for non-profit credit counselling agencies, where she worked closely with major financial institutions and government bodies to advance key industry initiatives. Before her tenure as CEO at Credit Counselling Canada, Stacy led teams at the Credit Counselling Society for over 13 years, including roles as Director of Counselling, Director of Organizational Development and Director of Education & Community Awareness. She also spent several years working in employment services and leadership development, emphasizing her commitment to team growth and coaching. This breadth of experience, spanning nearly two decades in various pivotal roles, equips her with a comprehensive understanding of financial counselling and education, vital for her role at Money Mentors.

Board of Directors

David Mohammed

Interim Board Chair

Director, Customer Experience
BC Assessment

Lindsay Rydl


City of Calgary

Doug Mushka


Public Member
Investment Advisor and Financial Planner
RBC Dominion Securities

Afshan Mahmood


ARS Compliance Specialist
Enmax Power Corporation

Baldev Dhah

Public Member

Public Member
Principal Broker
The Mortgage Centre, Elevo Mortgages

Lorne Broski

Public Member


Donna Carson

Appointee – Alberta Insolvency Practitioner’s Association

Senior Vice-President
MNP Ltd.

Simone Demers-Collins

Appointee – Alberta Human Ecology & Home Economists Association

Professional Home Economist

Michael Simonson

Public Member

VP – Syndicate Lending
KV Capital 

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