How to Find the Right Credit Counselling Agency

If you’re only able to make minimal credit card payments, are getting irritating collections calls, or are losing sleep over your financial difficulties, it’s time to seek some advice from a credit counselling agency. Money Mentors can help you become financially fit by showing you options to deal with your debt and manage your money. We’ll teach you how to make a budget, set up a debt repayment program and save for the future.

Choose carefully

There can be differences between credit agencies—from how their fees are set up to their debt repayment programs. Do your research to be sure the services are best suited for your situation.

Be aware of fees

Fee structures can vary from company to company. Check to see how the fees are collected—upfront or monthly. Money Mentors does not have up front fees.

Do they have debt repayment programs?

Credit counselling agencies often offer debt repayment programs. Check to see if their program fits your needs. Money Mentors is the only provider of the Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD) program on behalf of the Alberta government. All of your debts are 100% paid off at a guaranteed reduced interest rate and it even covers income tax and student loans. You are also guaranteed protection from legal action such as garnishees.

Is there a local presence?

Look for a company with offices in or near your community. Money Mentors is the only not-for-profit credit counselling agency based in Alberta. Our first-rate, qualified and experienced counsellors are Albertans serving Albertans. To start relieving your debt symptoms today, contact us to book a free personal review of your financial situation.

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