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From marriage and divorce, to job loss and retirement, to the the needs of a growing family—there are lots of reasons people come to Money Mentors. We're here to support you through every life stage. Here are just a few examples of how we've positively changed the lives of Albertans just like you.

June 3, 2019

Finding Financial Freedom

Before Money Mentors, Cheryl spent 22 years of her life in the dark. Her husband at the time controlled everything from their business to their money, leaving Cheryl with nothing to her name and at his mercy. Whether it was buying school supplies for their three children or paying their bills, Cheryl had to justify every penny […]

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April 1, 2019

A New Hope

Before 2013, Michael spent his days worrying about his $29,000 debt. Or more accurately, how he was going to pay it off. Making $20/hour at his job, he could barely afford the $400 minimum payments each month on his maxed-out credit card, much less anything else.

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February 8, 2019

Morocco is Waiting

How Money Mentors helped one man manage his debt, getting him closer to reaching his financial (and bucket list) goals.

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August 1, 2018

A Healthy Relationship with Money

Like most young couples, Kelsi and her partner combined their incomes into one for regular spendings, such as household needs and phone bills, and had manageable debt. But they were inspired to “get ahead” of their debt and be financially responsible, starting atheir new life debt free.

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July 10, 2018

Trevor’s Financial Success: Breaking the Alberta Payday Loan Cycle

Due to lack of budgeting skills, Trevor struggled with finances early in life. Despite his efforts working two jobs in hopes to keep up with his debt, he slowly succumbed to the temptation of payday loans ― a vicious cycle that eventually led him to over $60,000 in debt.

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May 1, 2018

Financial Wellness and Family Support

How a single mom went from paying off her $85,000 debt in Alberta to teaching finance in college.

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April 9, 2018

Mickey’s Story: Life After Divorce

How a hardworking Albertan found financial freedom after clearing $120,000 of debt.

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March 1, 2018

Single Mom Overcomes Loan & Credit Card Debt in Alberta

Five years ago, Diana was struggling financially as a single mom and college student in Southern Alberta. Shortly after attending college to attain her industry license, and working to keep bills moving along, Diana soon found herself drowning in credit card debt, student loans and a line of credit.

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January 26, 2018

Shawn’s Journey: Addiction and Crippling Debt to Restored Financial Health

Survivor of a brutal car accident, a recovered addict, a husband and father of two – Shawn had been through it all.

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January 2, 2018

How Phyllis Paid off $16,000 of Debt Just One Year Out from Retirement

In 2015, Phyllis had finally hit her breaking point financially. With maxed out credit cards and a few loans, she realized it might be time to seek help.

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December 4, 2017

How This Couple Paid off Over $121,000 In 5 Years

In just five short years, Ray and Denise tackled their $121,027 debt load with the help of Money Mentors and their counsellor, Jason.

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October 23, 2017

How One Woman Paid off Over $100,000 of Debt in Just 5 Years

It was 2012 when Teresa finally hit a wall with her $106,497 debt load.

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