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Changing Relationships With Money – Sarah’s Story

June 22nd, 2016

Realizing you need to change your financial situation doesn’t always come through mass amounts of debt. Money Mentors Credit Counselling sessions are here to help educate clients, and find a way to help them better manage their money in preparation for emergencies and the future.

Sarah Fleury, a past client with Money Mentors, wanted to change her relationship with money.

“I was struggling with my finances in the past, struggling with managing money, and I was living a chaotic lifestyle in terms of spending,” said Sarah.

“I wanted a sense of how to save my money, and how to spend.”


Sarah met with our counselor, Delores, for a couple of online sessions regarding financial management and budgeting. Delores directed Sarah to our free online courses, and she quickly completed the Budgeting Bootcamp.

“Once I completed that course, it drastically changed my attitude towards money,” said Sarah. “I learned how to channel my spending into what my values are.”

Sarah said the greatest takeaway from the online courses she took, was learning to view a budget as more of a spending plan and understanding how to use money in a positive way.

“It was learning to put it (money) towards the things I really do value, instead of just letting it go wherever it would go,” she said.

Before reaching out to Money Mentors, Sarah said she was overspending for an extended period of time. By creating a budget and monitoring her spending, she says her entire financial situation has changed for the better.

“I cut my budget way down, and realized that I was more content living on less money and saving towards goals that actually mattered.”


When asked what her future financial goals are now that she has begun to manage her finances, Sarah did not hesitate in listing off a few things, including: starting her own business, building her assets, and learning to invest.

“I want to get my money working for me,” said Sarah.

Not only has Sarah saved an emergency fund and kept to her cash-based diet, she has also learned to prepare her money for future expenses.

“I have created an annual savings fund,” she said. “I used to get hit with these huge expenses out of the blue, but I have been putting the money away to relieve that stress in a huge way.”


When asked what her greatest piece of advice for others going through a similar situation would be, Sarah didn’t hesitate. “Go to Money Mentors,” she said.

“Learn to define your values, and realize that money doesn’t have to be restricting, it can be empowering.”

She also went on to mention that good financial management gives you the option to enjoy life, and teaches you to value money properly.

After our free online courses, Sarah has learned that she is constantly reviewing her budget as her lifestyle changes.

“I’m working with it in the moment,” said Sarah. And that is one of the beautiful things about personal finance. It is always challenging us to be better with our money.

To take our free online courses, click here. To book an appointment with one of our counselors for your free financial assessment, call 1-888-294-0076.

Thank you to Sarah for sharing her story, and congratulations to all of her financial success!

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