Extension Activities for Teachers & Home

Learning doesn't have to stop after the presentation ends.

Teachers, parents and students are encouraged to use our extension activities to enhance learning and solidify money concepts.

Each extension activity is age and grade appropriate, and aligns with the concepts covered in the classroom presentations. The activities are a great opportunity to dive deeper into money concepts with students. They may be used to complement the presentation, or as independent activities.


Elementary extension activities introduce students to Canadian bills and coins. Students learn the importance of distinguishing between needs and wants, comparison shopping, and how advertising has an impact on what we buy.


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Junior High

Junior high extension activities introduce students to the concept of opportunity cost, and why that should be considered when making a buying decision. Students learn about variable and fixed expenses, banking options, and are introduced to credit and cost of borrowing concepts.

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High School

High school extension activities teach students how to prepare a budget, read pay stubs and credit card statements, calculate gross and net pay, and set SMART financial goals. Student learn about the registered accounts available in Canada, loan and credit options, and options for paying for post-secondary education.

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Youth in the Community

These extension activities teach students how to read bank statements, the importance of having an emergency fund, and the difference between variable and fixed income and expenses.

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Additional Financial Resources

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We have lots of other great resources to help you on your financial education journey—from free online courses and youth spending plans to money tips and our online Conquer Cashalot game.

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