Money Mentors offers FREE financial literacy presentations to provide K-12 students with money concepts and skills to help them manage their money well. Our presentations are tied to the Alberta school curriculum and are designed to build on money concepts in fun, engaging and interactive ways.

Grades K-6

Students explore concepts on earning, saving, spending and sharing money, and how advertising can influence spending decisions.

Grades 7-9

Students learn the cost of household expenses, how to set SMART goals, and how to manage credit.

Grades 10-12

Students will learn about different bank accounts, investigate taxes, and get a deeper understanding of the various credit products and the credit rating system in Canada

Youth Community Groups

The Money Mentors School Programs aimed at students in Grades 10 – 12 are also suitable for Youth Community Groups.

Youth Presenters

Money Mentors’ approach to teaching financial literacy is to have youth presenters (post-secondary students) facilitate the presentations. Youth Presenters enter classrooms to present money management topics in a fun and interactive way. They engage young people and get them thinking about money management.

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