Dear Debt

I am tired.

I am overwhelmed.

And I am afraid.

You are the only thing in my life that is holding me back from accomplishing everything I’ve ever wanted to do. And you won’t let me forget it. You have taken away numerous family vacations, friendly dinners and opportunities beyond. When will I come first? I am done with sleepless nights, strained relationships and stress-filled work days. Knowing that all of my income is being squandered due to an inflated lifestyle I only wish I could abide by. The term “live within your means” has never been so understood.

When will my desires and needs come before your bills and collection calls?


Today, I’ve finally reached my breaking point and found my motivation and drive. I will no longer let you control my lifestyle, my grocery budget and my credit rating. Whatever it takes, for whatever it’s worth, I will repay every cent that I owe. And I will take my life back.

I will take my life back for the opportunity to retire early, experience dreams of travel and save for my child’s education. My financial life will no longer be riding in the backseat, because I have been promoted to driver. Losing control of something that holds so much power in my life was never the intention, but without proper knowledge, I did.

I want to learn about how to manage my money, build an appropriate budget and start to build my wealth. I want to wake up each morning without fear that I may not be able to afford gas for the week. I now know that it is possible to defeat you, debt.

The future would feel so much more opportunistic if I could just move past this one blimp in time. Because that’s all you are. A fading memory of a time I lost control of my finances. No longer will I have to resist speaking to family and friends about my financial goals.

You wanted more than what I had to offer, and you would stop at nothing to get it. But now I know that patience will always overcome the challenges of our wants and desires in today’s fast forward society.

Paying off debt means taking my life back. Simple as that.

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