Woman works on rebuilding a healthy relationship with money.

Rekindle Your Relationship with Your Money

How’s your relationship with your money lately? Have you fallen out of love with your finances?

It happens to the best of us!

Relationships of all kinds require work to flourish. The key to creating a healthy relationship with money is to treat it like you would any other relationship―with love, honesty, and time. By choosing to rekindle your financial relationship, you’re choosing to rekindle your relationship with yourself in the process. By investing in your relationship with money, you’re investing in yourself. And that’s something to be proud of!

Here are 6 ways you can repair your relationship with money and fall back in love with your finances:


  1. Show up for yourself and your money
  2. How can you rebuild a healthy relationship with your money if you don’t show up for it every day? Instead of ignoring your bank account or turning a blind eye to what your money is trying to tell you, make time for your money, communicate your needs and wants, and acknowledge what your role in this relationship needs to be.

  3. Don’t be afraid of the hard stuff
  4. Conflict and tough situations happen in every relationship―including your financial relationship. When you hit a rough patch, it’s important to not just run away. Address what’s going on so you can take the necessary steps to fix it.

  5. Be open to change
  6. Change is inevitable. What may have worked for you before may not work for you now, and that’s okay! Like in every healthy relationship, you need to be open to change and adapt to your current needs and financial situation.

  7. Celebrate your wins―and forgive your losses
  8. We all have good days and bad days, especially when it comes to our finances. Just as you celebrate momentous occasions like anniversaries, so too should you celebrate your money wins―big and small. Did you pay off your credit card balance this month? Celebrate. Did you make that first appointment with a credit counsellor? Celebrate. And when things don’t go as planned or you have a particularly bad money day, give yourself some grace and learn to forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s important not to make yourself feel worse about them, just as you wouldn’t make a loved one feel worse about a mistake they made.

  9. Make it a priority
  10. We get it―life is busy. Between juggling work, family, relationships, self-care and chores, it’s hard to find time to fit one more thing into your schedule. But your finances deserve to be prioritized, too! Find an hour each week to take yourself on a date and really get to know your money personality, dreams, flaws, anxieties, goals, and realities. Check in with yourself regularly to make sure your relationship with money continues to be healthy.

  11. Create open communication
  12. Open, honest communication is necessary for all relationships. What is your money trying to say? What are you telling your money? Are your financial habits aligned with your goals? Are you spending more than you’re making? Are you drowning in debt? Sometimes relationships need counselling and it’s okay if your relationship with money needs it, too. Our unbiased, accredited counsellors are here to help you navigate these murky financial waters so you can start feeling better about your money.

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