At your first appointment, a counsellor will review your financial information and help you understand your true financial state. They will then provide you with unbiased options, so you are fully equipped to make an informed decision to deal with your financial situation head on.

What our clients have to say

Sharon L.
Sharon L.
The gentleman that called was very helpful, friendly and professional.
Jennifer E.
Jennifer E.
I was drowning in debt—there was so much of it. The calls from creditors didn't stop. My bank was no help.I contacted Money Mentors to inquire about the OPD program and their advice. I was prepared to dedicate myself to clearing my debts. I was ready to cut up my credit cards. My counselor and I worked through some homework before we created my payback schedule. Since I was determined to pay off this personal debt on my own, I made large monthly payments. The phone calls from creditors stopped, which was a relief.Despite some difficult months, I am debt free after 56 months! It has not sunk in yet. My perspective has changed from one of spending and worrying about it later to one of saving and planning. Though I still worry about going back into debt, I can always turn to the Money Mentors website for helpful guidance.
Linda Mak is an amazing person I ever met .she has lots of knowledge and professional skills regarding any financial issues. She listens your concerns with patience and address them with at most knowledge. I like the nature of Linda Mak she is so friendly and easy approachable person.
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Before Your Appointment

  • Prepare as much information as possible about your debts, assets, income and expenses so your counsellor can do a thorough financial assessment.
  • Compile this budget information, in advance if possible, in this free Microsoft Excel spending plan.

During Your Appointment

  • One of our expert credit counsellors will review your income, expenses, assets and debts.
  • We will determine your financial needs.
  • We will provide unbiased options to deal with your debt.
  • Discuss each solution with you.
  • Provide the information you need to make a decision about how to deal with your finances.

To book your free Financial Needs Assessment with a counsellor near you, please give us a call at 1-888-294-0076 or email us.

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