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School Programs


Financial Literacy for Youth

Money Mentors' financial literacy initiative is to educate youth at an early age so they will become financially responsible adults. Our goal is to empower the younger generation by providing them with good money management skills for a bright financial future.

Our main objective is to provide financial literacy to all grade levels in schools, and youth in the community throughout Alberta.

Our presentations for elementary school students provide an introduction to money management. Through hands-on activities, poems and videos, they explore the concepts of earning, saving, spending and sharing money.

Our presentations for junior high students go deeper into the money management concepts introduced at the elementary level. Class discussions and board games are used to teach students the importance of saving money for the future and setting financial goals.

Our presentations for this age group focus on helping students develop budgeting skills and create realistic spending plans. Through interactive presentations, students explore different types of credit, uses of credit and methods of building/maintaining good credit.

Our youth in the community presentations offer students in a non-traditional school setting an opportunity to learn about money. We offer two presentations for students age 12-16 and 17-25.

Stephanie B.

Abbottsfield Youth Project

“Your presence when speaking to children is fantastic and you were able to engage even some of the toughest [students]. You covered a lot of material, but did so in a fun way. I truly believe you taught our children something that they can take back with them and learn and grow from for the rest of their lives.”

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J. Percy Page School

“The presentation was great! I learned many new things and lessons that I can use in the future. The presentation helped me learn about the safety and warnings about handling credit cards and paying for other loans and taxes. The information that I received during this presentation helped my future life become more secure.”

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Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School

“The presentation made me rethink my spending choices in the past few months and I realized how much money I was wastefully spending that could have been saved. I learned techniques for developing a good spending plan. It was great.”

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Scott B.

West Island College

“Money Mentors offers some great financial literacy workshops. Our junior high students at West Island College were fortunate enough to have Maria come and present their two junior high workshops – Saving Cent$ and Credit Connect last week. These are great introductory sessions that get the students thinking and talking about how to be smarter with their current and future income. The class provides a deeper understanding of key concepts, engages them in a lively discussion, and gets them talking about it with their peers and family members. We highly recommend that all students take advantage of this great learning resource – Money Mentors.”

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Youth Presenters

Money Mentors approach to teaching financial literacy is to have youth presenters (post-secondary students) facilitate the presentations. Youth Presenters enter classrooms to present money management topics in a fun and interactive way. They engage young people and get them thinking about money management.