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Toni De Viet
Toni De Viet
I actually dealt with Sherie in Edmonton. My first meeting with her was the best thing I ever did as she helped me feel comfortable in my quest to pay off 38000 dollars. No guilt or blame or feeling bad involved. 58 months later, I am debt free. Imagine that! Woohoo! I would strongly suggest that anyone who can if they owe, should go to Money Mentors. You'll feel great because you paid your debt off. Your credit is affected for 2 years rather than 6 and you will feel like you achieved a great thing.
jon cory
jon cory
Money mentors literally gave me a better life. I was paying so much interest that I wasn't paying the debt down. I did that for years. They put me on an affordable plan and now I'm on a path to being debt free
I thought Money Mentors was very informative, Linda made it quite easy to understand. I definitely recommend you go learn from them, I would definitely go back

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