High School Programs for Grade 10-12

Students are taught the advantages of good money management, and the consequences of overspending.

Alberta High School students will learn about the different registered banking accounts, get a deeper understanding of various credit products and the credit rating system in Canada. They will learn how to plan financially for their post-secondary education, and what their funding options are. Students are taught budgeting skills, and learn the importance of making sound financial decisions. Plus, they explore different types of credit available, along with proven methods of building and maintaining good credit.

Conquer Cashalot

Grade 10

This consists of a single-player educational game. Building on money concepts throughout, it’s a fun and immersive way to teach students the importance of managing money well.

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Managing Money & Understanding Credit

Grade 11

Students learn effective money management concepts. They explore how to develop a budget, set financial goals, how credit works, and when and how to use it wisely.

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Spending Plans & Credit for High School Students

Grade 11

Students learn how to calculate gross and net pay, and how to set financial goals based on a budget. They learn about credit and the difference between scores and ratings.

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Understanding Loans & Credit Options

Grade 11

Students learn the requirements to qualify for student loans and government grants. They learn about different types of credit and how each affects total cost borrowed.

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Credit & Paying for Post-Secondary

Grade 12

Here, we teach students about credit options, including overdraft and credit cards. They also explore costs and options for funding post-secondary education.

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