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Orderly Payment of Debts Calculator

Calculate Your Monthly OPD Payment


If it appears that your total amount of unsecured* debt will be impossible to pay off, consider the OPD program rather than declaring bankruptcy. Our handy calculator below will give you an idea of what your monthly repayment costs would be under the program. If your monthly result will not fit in your budget, one of our credit counselors can examine your particular situation and provide further guidance in making your debt-free future a reality.

* Unsecured debts are debts that you have not pledged an asset towards such as credit cards, taxes, student loans and medical bills.

Use this formula to give you an estimate of your payment to repay your unsecured debts through the Orderly Payment of Debts Program.  Then you can work out how the payment fits into your spending plan.

Enter your total unsecured debt:

( sample: 53200 - not 53,200.00 )


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