We guarantee a 5% Interest Rate.

The OPD Program

What is the Government of Alberta Orderly Payment of Debts program?

The Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD) program is an established debt consolidation repayment program created by the Government. The OPD program provides Albertans with an easy and stress-free way to repay their debts. This program is exclusively offered and managed by Money Mentors in Alberta.

The Difference Between Bankruptcy and OPD

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If you’re having trouble paying debts and are considering bankruptcy, we can help. Declaring bankruptcy is a legal way to handle your debts, but it is not the best option for everyone. Depending on the situation, bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for 6 to 14 years in Canada, which could affect your ability to get credit later.


As a positive alternative to bankruptcy, Alberta residents can use the OPD program. This program combines all unsecured debts into one monthly payment at a GUARANTEED interest rate of 5%.


The OPD program was designed with flexibility in mind so it can be tailored to any Albertan’s lifestyle. Clients within the program are able to monitor their progress by logging onto their online profile on MoneyMentors.ca.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation through OPD:

  • No start-up fees
  • Guaranteed 5% interest rate
  • Government approved


  • Covers all unsecured debt, including student loans and income tax
  • Protection against creditor action (collection calls stop)
  • All unsecured debts are consolidated into one program
  • Access to a counsellor for added guidance and support every step of the way
  • Clients learn money management skills by enrolling into FREE financial seminars and courses

Debt Relief Options and Resources

Everyone’s debt situation is different, which means every client needs a unique and customized approach. Our credit counsellors have access to a wealth of additional resources so clients can get any additional assistance they need through our network of referral services.

  • Legal Services: Pro Bono Law, Legal Aid and other resources are available.
  • Service Alberta: Offers tip sheets and other resources
  • Community Services: Food banks, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)

A credit counsellor will explore all debt relief options with you and provide information so you can confidently tackle your debt the best way possible. To speak to Money Mentors about the OPD program, call 1-888-294-0076, e-mail us at info@moneymentors.ca or visit one of our 7 Alberta locations.


Find more information on credit counselling, money coaching or visit our Learning Centre for financial education videos, a debt management quiz, spending plan forms, financial calculators, tip sheets on dealing with debt, saving strategies and more.


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