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Junior High Education

Grade 7

Real Costs - Real Life

An introduction to budgeting with an emphasis on differentiating between needs and wants. Students learn about average household expenses to gain an understanding of living costs when on their own. They will explore the earning potential of different career paths so they can develop an appreciation for how an individual’s spending plan is affected by varying levels of income. We complete the session by providing students with tips to spend their money wisely.

Grade 8

Saving Cents

Discusses the importance of saving money for health and wellbeing. We explore savings account options for youth, so students are aware of their choices. Students learn to save money by setting SMART savings goals and other saving strategies. The presentation concludes with a class activity where students play a game with monetary transactions that occur on a daily basis. They will see it takes dedication to save money and plan for the future.

Grade 9

Credit Connects

An introduction to the basics of credit. We cover what credit is, credit lingo, the pros and cons of credit, types of credit available and how to use credit responsibly. The presentation finishes with an activity designed to test the knowledge learned.