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High School Education

Grade 10

Conquer Cashalot

This single-player educational game is designed to teach students the importance of making sound financial decisions. Players start their adventure as a ranger, make financial decisions throughout the game and advance to knight then wizard. Players must pass all three stages of the game and save enough money to travel the kingdom and retire.

Grade 11

Managing Money & Understanding Credit

Students explore the advantages of good money management and the consequences of poor money management. They learn the basics of developing a spending plan and setting ‘SMART’ financial goals. They also explore options for saving money such as GICs and TFSAs. Students are introduced to different methods of borrowing money such as credit cards and mortgages; they explore factors that contribute to the costs of borrowing money. Available Online:

Or as an in-classroom presentation:

Grade 11

Spending Plans & Credit for High School Students

Students learn how to develop a budget with examples specific to the lives of high school students. They learn important skills like preparing for expenses, setting priorities and adjusting to changes. Students will also explore what makes a SMART financial goal and options for saving money. They are introduced to credit, the cost of credit (calculating interest), how to build good credit and what is a credit score and credit rating. They explore why it is important to build good credit and how to manage credit responsibly.

Grade 11

Understanding Loans & Credit Options

Students learn the eligibility requirements needed to qualify for student loans and government grants. They explore what a student line of credit is and the differences between a student loan and a student line of credit. They also learn what to consider when getting their first credit card and the different terms used when dealing with credit cards. Students are taught about overdraft protection and payday loans and how the amount of interest charged may depend on the type of credit product used.

Grade 12

Credit & Paying for Post-Secondary

Focuses on getting students ready for the financial world beyond high school. Students learn about credit options including overdraft and credit cards. They explore the costs and options for funding post-secondary education.