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Financial Fitness For Organizations

We strive to keep our bodies fit, but it’s important to keep our bank accounts fit too. Our financial fitness classes focus on everything from successful money management, proactive budgeting and saving strategies, to debt management, using credit wisely, how and when to plan for retirement, and ways to teach your kids the value of money. It’s a great workout.


For the busy and time-starved, we also offer Lunch and Learn style one and two-hour courses. For more information on how to book a class, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator at 1-888-294-0076 ext. 2198 or email

Tackle Debt (1 Hour)


Is there really such a thing as good debt? How do you avoid good debt becoming bad debt? This class teaches how to tackle debt the right way and reach your goals. You'll learn how to keep your credit history in good shape and build borrowing power for the future.

R & R in Retirement (1 Hour)


Should you be thinking about retirement now? Whether you're almost there, in the prime of your career, or just started working, the answer is “yes.” With fewer than half of Canadians fully prepared for retirement, the more you plan for your future, the better.

Break the Cycle (1 Hour)


Spending money is something we all do, but did you know that by making a few changes to your spending habits, you can find money to save for your goals? In this session, learn the top five financial goals needed in every plan, and discover ten habits to help you save and maximize savings.

Credit Rating IQ (1 Hour)

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Your credit rating determines whether you can get credit, open a bank account, what rates you will be charged and so much more. This class presents the essential knowledge on your credit reports and credit score. Understand how it works, what’s reported, who uses it and how it impacts you.

Enrich Your Kids (1 hour)


It’s never too early to introduce kids to the concept of money. The problem is, how? Enrich Your Kids creatively explains how to show your kids the value of money, how to budget allowance, the importance of saving, how to afford what they need and the benefits of banking.

Holiday Spending (1 Hour)


The holiday season -- one of the most stressful times of year -- can go from Noël to nightmares when the bills arrive. With Scrooge's Christmas we can add cheer (instead of fear) to the holidays, and prepare our finances for what is to come in the near months.

Budgeting Bootcamp (1 Hour)

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What’s the first lesson at boot camp? It’s not a “budget” it’s a “spending plan.” We’ll not only help you create a realistic spending plan, we’ll help you stick to it. Almost everyone earns and spends money, but not everybody saves. By creating a spending plan, you’ll be able to save for your future.

Credit & Lending (1 Hour)


What are lenders looking for when reviewing a credit application and what can I do to improve my credit situation? Credit & Lending 101 is designed to give you a basic understanding of what factors are taken into consideration when reviewing a credit application.

Financial Planning Closer to Retirement (1 Hour)


When approaching retirement, one has a better sense of where they are at financially and where they want to be. Financial Planning Closer to Retirement provides you with the tools, tips and resources needed to help you plan for your retirement, no matter how close it may be.

Fraud Detection & Prevention (1 Hour)


Have you ever been a victim of fraud? If not, you probably know someone who has. Fraud Detection & Prevention provides information on what fraud is, some of the common types of fraud and how to protect yourself. You will see how fraud affects individuals financially and emotionally.

Financial Awareness for Newcomers to Canada (1 Hour)


This introductory course is designed to help Newcomers get a better understanding of how: the banking system works, the credit rating system works, managing debt, the importance of filing taxes. We briefly outline registered accounts and how you can save for you and your children’s future.

Preparing Financially for a Baby (1 Hour)


Planning for the arrival of a baby can feel overwhelming. This course provides information on how much baby items may cost as well as tips for managing these costs. Information about living on reduced income and tapping into government benefits and subsidies is also provided.


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