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Scott was $46,000 in debt when he came to Money Mentors. Overwhelmed by stress with bills and loan payments piling on, he reached out to Money Mentors to do a free credit assessment with one of our Debt Counsellors. Within his first year, he was already saving money, meanwhile paying off his creditors through the Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD) program, exclusively offered at Money Mentors. This is how he regained his financial freedom.

maleA few months ago, I received a letter from Money Mentors telling me I was finally debt-free. That day, I finally breathed a sigh of relief! - Raymond K.

maleMoney Mentors really helped me get out of an impossible situation. My debt was crippling. The process is hard. It's not fun and it will force you to re-examine everything about money. David V.

maleAmazing organization that helped me resolve significant debt. I was given very good information on finances and found them to be knowledgeable, fair and honest. Money Mentors substantially improved my life. - Neil.


The Financial Counsellor I saw was very knowledgeable and helped me better understand my financial situation, it is nice to have services like this available to help people that need the help and will make good use of it. - Jim B.

maleThank you for the letter. I am doing much better now and I have learned the balance of living within my financial means. Your help in this has been tremendous! I will continue to honor our agreement on making my payments to you on time as I always have and remain extremely grateful for all your help in my future, present and past! - Perry.


Just a few months ago I walked into Money Mentors thinking I had messed up, big time. I'm close to retiring and couldn't imagine my future with all the debt I was carrying. I felt numb and stuck and hopeless. But thanks to MM and Paula, I've got a handle on my future, a solid budget, and a big smile! Can't say "thank you" enough for all the help. - Aimee R.

Right from the first meeting, we were put at ease and felt very comfortable talking about a disagreeable problem.

- A married couple in their early 40’s whose relationship felt the stress of a high debt load. The couple had spending issues and were $35,000 in debt with high interest rates, which would have taken too long to pay on their own.

Our Orderly Payment of Debt Clients:

Money Mentors explained all the options, looked at things realistically, and was non- judgmental.

Their explanation, and the processes involved in all options were very clear and helpful.

Money Mentors makes the client feel at ease, gives the client knowledge and ensures that there is hope for a healthy financial future.

You did a great job putting the effort in to understanding my individual situation and advised well on what option was best for me.

My counsellor looked over my financial information I provided, and gave me 3 options to consider. The first one worked!

Very informative, professional, friendly and answer questions in a respectful and clear manner. Extremely understanding and attentive to my financial needs.

I'd like to thank Money Mentors for helping in my debt repayment. In 2013 I was in need of help! I had been carrying a balance for many years on my line of credit and credit card, paying off only the minimum fees while continuing to amass more and more debt. Because I was never late on a payment, the bank continued to up my limit until I was $25,000.00 in debt.


After talking with the banks I realized by first financial lesson: Banks are a business that sell products and do may not have your best financial interests in mind. At that moment I knew I needed 3rd party help. Feeling ashamed, I didn’t know where to turn. With one free phone call to Money Mentors I began my road to financial literacy by having 100% unbiased assessment done on my accounts. My rep was very professional and knowledgeable. He gave me the confidence to really begin tackling my debt! It’s been nearly 30 months since that phone call and a lot of habits have changed in my life but today I can proudly say that I am debt free!!!! With a lot of willpower, creative thinking, and some unbiased understanding I was successful.


Thank you very much for your service, it only took an hour over the phone but it made a big difference in my journey!


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